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Balon Poé Parade sareng Majalah Tintin Rally nungkulan usum panas Brussel dina catetan anu luhur


As it does each year, the month of September in Brussels will start with a bang as the 8th annual Brussels Comic Strip Festival gets under way. To mark the occasion, the capital’s streets will be cheerfully decked out in the thousand and one colours of the “Balloon’s Day Parade.” At the same time, the Tintin Magazine Rally will bring its share of activities and new attractions to make this latest edition a real party.

New this year:

– A Gaston balloon will appear at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival to celebrate his 60th birthday
– The Ducobu balloon will also make its parade debut this year.
– This year the Comic Strip Rally will specially feature cars ripped right from the pages of the Tintin and Spirou magazines.
– Instead of the customary single kick-off, there will be four starts this coming Sunday, 3 September.

Saprak debutna di 2010, Brussels Comic Strip Festival parantos janten acara utami pikeun penggemar komik. Ngora ngora sareng sepuh, novice sareng ahli, sadayana ngagaduhan minat pikeun seni kasalapan sareng ngariung unggal taun pikeun ilubiung dina rupa-rupa kagiatan anu ditawarkeun.

On Sunday, 3 September, comics fans will eat, sleep, and breathe Belgian comics thanks to the seamless combination of the “Balloon’s Day Parade” and the Tintin Magazine Rally. The parade of giant comics character balloons will invade the capital early in the afternoon. Next, the forerunners of the Tintin Magazine Rally will reach the capital, ending their journey on Place des Palais.

Balloon’s Day Parade

Once again this year, the “Balloon’s Day Parade,” will roll through the capital’s streets for nearly two hours. This time two new balloons, Docobu and Gaston, will be delighted to take part in the procession.

The spectacular balloon inflation will begin in the morning on Place des Palais. Over the course of the afternoon, Spirou, Tintin, Le Chat, Boule, Blork de Kid Paddle, Lucky Luke, and their new friends will begin their annual promenade and take over Brussels’ main arteries.

During this latest edition, schools (circus, music, sport, etc.) from all over Belgium will be in charge of the parade.

Tintin Magazine Rally

Since its first running in 2013, the Tintin Magazine Rally has become an essential event at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. This year the rally will take place once again and Tintin Magazine will host Spirou Magazine. In all, about 100 collectors’ cars will participate. In another significant new development, the event will start at four different locations: Lier, Verviers, Jumet, and Anderlecht.

This coming Sunday, 3 September, period cars that have appeared in Tintin Magazine and Spirou Magazine since 1946 will lead the way. At about 2 PM, after completing a nearly 100kilometre course, these legendary cars will arrive on Place des Palais. It’s a wonderful opportunity to immerse in the comics of yesteryear and rediscover these rare gems.

Two people per car will be invited to dress up and join the rally and take part in a meal among fans. At the end of the rally, a panel will award prizes to the teams and cars that were the most faithful to the two magazines’ original illustrations.

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