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Kontestan Seychelles kéngingkeun judul Model Photogenic dina Model Top of the World 2017

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Seychellois Naomy King won the title of the most photogenic model at the Top Model of the World 2017 competition, held in El Gouna, Egypt.

The pageant’s grand finale was held on Friday 14th July.

King who also made it to the top 6, was ranked fourth at the end of the competition.

“I feel very proud as I was not expecting to be among the top 6 out of 40 contestants,” she said.

The 17-year-old model was chosen to represent Seychelles at this year’s Top Model of the World, after she had to renounce her participation in the Miss Intercontinental competition last year, due to school commitments.

Her selection was done by a representative of the international event in Seychelles, Joelle Fabre, who is also the director of the Coral Models Seychelles agency.

Fabre who has been working to groom Naomy into a confident model, was also nominated as the chief chaperone for all contestants at the Top Model of the World 2017.

She said that Naomy who stands at 1.75metres did a great job on the catwalk.

“In spite of her timidity she was able to use her perfect height and photogenic face to her advantage,” said Fabre.

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) was among the sponsors of Naomy’s trip to the 24th edition of the Top Model of the World alongside other local and international sponsors.

The Chief Executive of the STB, Mrs. Sherin Francis said: “We are proud of Naomy’s achievement, her win is also a win for Seychelles. I would like to congratulate her and her mentor for this.”

Ukraine’s Julia Gershun, 20, was crowned Top Model of the World 2017, ahead of the contestants from San Andres and Mexico.

The ‘Top Model of the World’, a competition searching for the ultimate model, started in the U.S. city of Miami and is organized by the World Beauty Organization every year. The pageant attracts many international models seeking to be recruited for photo shooting, movies and modelling contracts.

This was Seychelles’ third participation in the Top Model of the World competition. In 2009, Nathalie Domingue, represented the island nation, winning the best catwalk award, while Mariette Dine showcased the natural Creole beauty of Seychellois women at last year’s edition.

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