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Istanbul Biennial narik seniman anu terkenal di dunya ka Turki dina usum gugur ieu


More than fifty of the world’s top artists are expected to converge on Turkey this Fall to showcase their work during the 15th Istanbul Biennial which gets underway on September 16, 2017. Under the curatorship of artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset, the fifteenth Istanbul Biennial which runs through to November 12 will address what it means to be “a good neighbor.” This exhibition is just one of the many events expected to be a huge draw for visitors to Turkey this Fall.

Pikeun anu resep olahraga anu gemet, Istanbul bakal ngajabat salaku salah sahiji tina opat nagara host EuroBasket sareng kanggo anu minat balayar, aya Piala Bodrum sareng Minggu Balap Internasional Marmaris. Kegiatan populér anu sanés pikeun anu datang ka Turki nyaéta ngajajah daérah anu ngembang anggur di Urgup sareng Pésta Panen Anggur anu kedah dilakukeun.

Upcoming events being held in Turkey this Fall:


Contemporary Istanbul
14 - 17 Sep

Istanbul has been home to different civilizations and cultures over the ages and in recent years is fast becoming one of the biggest centers for contemporary art. So visitors to city that connects Asia and Europe will be in for an artistic treat between September 14 and 17 when Contemporary Istanbul will take place at Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) and Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC). The 12th edition of the fair will include artworks from both established and emerging galleries, bringing a regional and international focus to the dynamic contemporary art scene in Istanbul. Notable for its unique position both geographically and culturally, Contemporary Istanbul prides itself on bringing together galleries, artists and collectors from Turkey, the Caucasus, the Black Sea, Russia and the Middle East, as well as from Europe, America and Asia.

15th Istanbul Biennial
16 Sep - 12 Nov

The 15th Istanbul Biennial, entitled “a good neighbor” and curated by the Scandinavian artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset, will be housed in six venues and is free of charge. Bringing together a variety of artworks dealing with different notions of home and neighborhood, the 15th Istanbul Biennial exhibitions will take place at Istanbul Modern, Galata Greek Primary School, Ark Kültür, Pera Museum, an artist collective’s studio, and Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam. The public program of the 15th Istanbul Biennial, coordinated by Zeyno Pekünlü, will kick off during the opening days of the Biennial. In addition to the symposia to be performed during the opening and closing week, there will be periodic events in which the audience will cook, read, and make music, as well as discussions, debates and workshops around the theme of the Biennial, “a good neighbor”.

Festival Film Antalya Internasional ka-54
21 - 27 Okt

Antalya International Film Festival, held annually since 1963, is one of the most important international film festivals in Turkey. Taking place amongst the palm lined boulevards, and sun drenched avenues of beautiful city of Antalya, the Festival will offer numerous exhibitions, retrospectives and opportunities to discover new trends in World Cinema. This year in its 54th edition, the Festival is bringing in the Turkish and global film industry together with the mission of establishing a cultural and communications platform and increasing its influence on an international level. This year, the Festival will continue to support Antalya Film Forum that has become one of the most important events throughout Europe within the first 3 years of its establishment, including hosting countless projects that held their world premiers recognized by prestigious festivals. With the great support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, the Festival is organized by the Antalya Culture and Art Foundation (AKSAV).


EuroBasket 2017
Sep 1 - 7; 9 - 17 Sep

Opat nagara kaasup Turki bakal maén janten 24 tim ti 49 féderasi antara 31 Agustus sareng 17 Séptémber, pikeun édisi 40 FIBA ​​EuroBasket 2017. Di Istanbul, Fenerbahce Ulker Sports Arena bakal nempatkeun 13,000 anu ngagorowok pameget pikeun pertandingan antara 1-7 Séptémber . Teras, 16,000 korsi Sinan Erdem Arena bakal ngajantenkeun tempat host 9-17 Séptémber, dimana pamustunganana juara Éropa 2017 bakal dinobatkeun. Saatos akhir turnamen baskét, tim sareng penggemarna didorong pikeun langkung lami deui pikeun kaendahan Istanbul.

Piala Bodrum
17 - 22 Okt

Rencanana pakansi anjeun janten pas sareng puncak usum gulet regatta di Turki anu tiasa ditingali. Piala Bodrum mangrupikeun kagiatan internasional pikeun kapal pesiar pelayaran klasik anu diayakeun dina minggu katilu bulan Oktober sareng bakal ningali langkung ti saratus kapal pesiar kai bagian dina kompetisi lima dinten ieu. Kaseueuran kapal anu ngiringan mangrupikeun gullet, nyaéta kapal beuleum bolu tradisional, sareng nalika henteu tiasa ngahontal kecepatan kapal pesiar modéren cocog pikeun pelayaran basisir. Kira-kira 65 méter dugi ka 130 méter panjangna, gullét dilengkepan ku sofa, ranjang matahari sareng kilim.

28th Marmaris International Race Week
28 Okt - 3 Nov

Join us in Marmaris for the 28th staging of International Race Week, organized by Marmaris International Yacht Club, Turkey’s and Eastern Mediterranean’s most participated sailing race. The event has hosted thousands of sailors from 30 different countries to this day and some 1,000 sailors are expected to attend the race in 100 yachts. In the first three days of the regatta, the races will be sailed in two separate fleets and different courses run by two different Race Committees. The annual event contributes greatly to the social and economic life of Marmaris at the end of tourism season.


WorldFood Istanbul
7 - 10 Sep

WorldFood Istanbul is the largest and the most successful food and food processing exhibition in Turkey, featuring over 300 exhibitors every year. It brings together local and international producers and brands. The event provides the exhibitors with an invaluable platform to share their products and to develop and increase their business. The event continues to grow each year, attracting more than 13,000 visitors in 2016.

Festival Panén Anggur Internasional
Sep 9 – Oct 11

Pesta Panen Anggur di Urgup, Cappadocia mangrupikeun salah sahiji kajadian gugur anu paling penting di daérah éta. Ürgüp, pusat wisata anu meriah anu ngagaduhan sadaya ciri daérah ngahasilkeun anggur sareng anggur pusat di daérah Anatolia Tengah, mangrupikeun Pésta Anggur Internasional sareng Anggur Internasional. Festival anu wajib ditingali ieu diayakeun di daérah anu penting dimana pertumbuhan anggur ngagaduhan sejarah anu bentang deui ampir 4,000 taun.

Festival Kopi Istanbul
21 - 24 Sep

Part of a visit to any new city is without a doubt experiencing its culture. An important part of this city’s culture is the cuisine of which coffee is key. The Istanbul Coffee Festival, which began its city journey in the historical Galata Greek Primary School, continued at Haydarpaşa Railway Station before moving to KüçükÇiftlik Park, where it is now housed. Of course it’s no coincidence that this journey started and continued in places that are the carriers of a mutual city memory and culture. Offering a new festival experience to consumers by bringing specialty coffee and its culture together with the city texture, İstanbul Coffee Festival is very happy to be the creator and carrier of such culture that has been enriching and growing thanks to the participation of thousands of city dwellers and visitors.

Kasihatan & Kasihatan

Dream Yoga Fest
Sep 28 – Oct 1

Dream Yoga Fest is a five-day event being held in Fethiye, Turkey. This event, which targets the Consumer & Carnivals, Wellness, Health & Fitness industries, showcases products like infinite possibilities, dreams, breath and light, yoga, training, teaching, joy, pleasure and color of serenity, enjoying the sea, laughter, sitting under a tree reading books, taking a massage against the mountain view, dancing & much more etc.

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