Abu Dhabi - Amman pas dua kali sapoé dina Etihad Airways


Etihad Airways is launching a second daily flight between Abu Dhabi and Amman, effective 25 March 2018

The double daily year-round schedule will provide greater choice to local passengers travelling between Abu Dhabi and Amman, with attractive timings of early afternoon and evening departures from the capital cities of the UAE and Jordan, respectively.

The additional flights, operated by an Airbus A320 with 16 seats in Class and 120 in Economy, will also improve connectivity over Abu Dhabi to a wider network of destinations across and the Indian Subcontinent.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer, said: “Increasing frequency to some of our destinations globally is a focus as it ensures more travel options for guests looking for greater flexibility. We are therefore delighted to soon offer double daily year-round flights between Abu Dhabi and Amman to cater to growing local demand, and boost business and leisure travel to and from Jordan’s capital.

“With improved schedules, we are also offering attractive timings to benefit residents in the UAE and Jordan, and create even better connections over Abu Dhabi to many markets across our network.”

The double-daily Abu Dhabi – Amman schedules, effective 25 March 2018 (*Denotes new flights). All timings are local.


Hiber No. asal Muncul tujuan Kadieu prekuensi kapal udara
aeh 513 Abu Dhabi 10.40 Amman 12.40 unggal poe Boeing 787-9
aeh 514 Amman 15: 25 Abu Dhabi 19: 15 unggal poe Boeing 787-9
EY 511* Abu Dhabi 14: 00 Amman 16: 00 unggal poe Airbus A320
EY 512* Amman 19: 30 Abu Dhabi 23: 30 unggal poe Airbus A320


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